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Instant Inventory with iBar


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iBar app has the same venue structure, products and product categories as your Restaurant Management System.

Any products you have in kg, piece or liter in your Restaurant Management System you can see and measure with the iBar app.

You don’t even need to open your Restaurant Management System to open and close your inventory - you can do it directly from your iBar app.

Admin users can invite others any time and manage their user access.

Be our integration Partner!
No more time-consuming measuring of your inventory.
No more speculation, typos or spilling drinks while measuring.
Keep track of your inventory easily - it instantly appears in your Restaurant Management System.
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Trezor Pécs, bar manager

'Measuring drinks in our bar with the iBar app is done within 2 hours instead of the more than 4 hours we used to have. And much less human errors!'

Pelle Gábor

Xoft Ltd. GarconGo

'I have never seen anyone smiling while doing inventory throughout my entire 20 years spent in hospitality - until now!'


Hotel Manager, Hotel Castello Siklós

'We used the iBar app as testers for 3 months and had a very nice experience! It not only decreased the time spent with inventory but also the numbers of errors we used to have before!'


Made in Pécs Café

„At first, I was pretty sceptic. I have been measuring spirits for years now, so I trusted my eyes more, but iBar was a positive surprise! My questions are answered right away, the app is reliable, I just love it!”


Bluetooth Scale

  • For measuring dark bottles
  • Or anything in kg
  • Free for the first 100 iBar subscribers!

10.000 HUF+VAT / piece


Bluetooth Keg Scale

  • Beer volume instantly appears in iBar app
  • Contains keg weights, or you can add your own
  • Use it for any liquid in kegs

Ask for a price from your Restaurant Management System

User Accounts
All users have their own account, from which they can work together on the same inventory!
Easy Identification
Identify the item in question easily: built-in barcode scanner for product measurement, addition or creation.
Unique Spirits
You can create any products not contained by the iBar database in a second while doing your inventory!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Minimum version 9 for Android and minimum version 13 for iOS is needed for the app.

  • ‘Bluetooth’ and ‘Location’ need to be turned on. You need to click the ‘Connect’ button in the app Home screen.

  • Yes, always, both for the photo- and scale-based measuring as well (it counts for the weight as well as the top of the bottle in a photo).

  • No, you would rather use something more precise, such as a measuring cylinder.

  • If you have more scales, be careful that when you connect a phone to a scale, all other scales should be turned off. Once a phone is paired with a scale, it will always be paired, even if the scale is turned off. If you would like to connect your phone to another scale, you have to disconnect it in the app, turn the scale off then connect with a new scale which is turned on.

  • First, create the product in your Restaurant Management System (give the name at least). Its unit should be liter, kg or piece. If your product is measured by kg or is a piece item, you can start measuring in the app without pairing it with the iBar database. If the new product is in liter, you will need to pair it with the iBar database, then you can start measuring it right away!

  • Make sure that the units are set to liter, kg or piece. If you have Garcon Go, also check the box ‘Obtainable’ on the product page.

  • Make sure that in the StoreHouse5 module among the templates you created an Inventory type template.

  • Yes, you can. In the Garcon menu, you can download your whole inventory for correction, correct it and upload it again, as many times as you want. You can also close your inventory through the app when done.


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